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School Board of Management

The Board of Management of Westmorland

The Board of Management (BOM) is of comprised eight volunteer members of the parent body who are elected for a term of two years at the Annual General meeting of the Westmorland School Association held in June. The Board also includes the Principal, the Junior School Supervisor and the President of the PTA. Meetings are generally held once a month.

At its first meeting for the academic year the BOM a chairman, vice chairman, treasurer and secretary are elected from within the 8 member board, and these members hold office for one year. The BOM of Westmorland oversees the general running of the school, is responsible for all policy matters and has the final say in all important decisions that are made for the school. Individual Board Members have no authority to act except in meetings of the assembled Board. Board Members do not become directly involved in administrative matters these are administered by the Principal and School Administrator.

Parents are encouraged to take the opportunity to serve on the BOM and have the opportunity to influence the management of your children’s school in a practical way. Parents are the primary educators of their children and this role calls for real partnership between the school and the parents; this is best achieved when parents are involved in the aims of the school and its activities and make contribution in practical ways to the children’s education.

Board Members

Name Position
Salim Rahaman Chairman
Sheldon Aexander Vice Chairman
Sarah Slinger Treasurer
Jennifer Solomon Secretary
John Dumont Floor Member
Afu Ventour-de Vega Floor Member
Anderson Stanisclaus Floor Member
Curt Edwards President – PTA
Samantha Antoine-Purcell Principal
Kimberly M. James Supervisor – Junior School