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Global Young Leaders Conference (GYLC)

The Conference is a leadership conference that allows students to meet students from across the nation and develop their leadership skills.  The GYLC offers students from countries around the world the unique opportunity to explore global leadership issues with world leaders in Washington, D.C. and New York City or in select cities around the world.

The Congressional Youth Leadership Council (CYLC) program scholars represent the upper echelon of today’s youth in both academic performance and community leadership. Each student is selected for nomination based upon academic achievement or classroom surveys, as well as by distinguished educators, mentors or CYLC program alumni, ensuring that every participant possesses the drive and determination to emerge as a future and world leader.

Global Young Leaders Conference (GYLC) gives high-achieving students aged 15-18 a greater understanding of their roles as global ambassadors while analyzing concepts surrounding communications, diplomacy, law, human rights, peace, security, economics and the role of the United Nations. Students return home from GYLC with a greater understanding of their roles and responsibilities as citizens and future leaders in an international community.

Each session of the Global Young Leaders Conference (GYLC) is designed to educate, inspire and motivate students by giving them the opportunity to explore cultural differences firsthand, absorb diplomatic skills daily, build confidence and enhance decision-making skills in an exciting atmosphere that is challenging and fun.

Westmorland School has been the only school in Grenada who has every year for over 20 years have its students attend and benefit from this most privileged experience. A GYLC committee of the parents of prospective attendants and Mrs. Antoine-Purcell co-ordinate students’ participation.


Co-Curricular Activities

Junior Achievement Programme

Junior Achievement is a programme geared to developing entrepreneurial abilities in students through a practical project of operating a business. It is an inter-secondary school competition and schools vie to create new product and service ideas or creatively change old ideas. Students are given the opportunity to operate a business from conception to liquidation following the actual steps as would be done in a business. Shares are sold to raise initial capital, product are developed and sold, innovative marketing strategies are employed and effective communication skills developed. The final major event takes the form of a Trade Fair to which the entire Grenadian public is invited. Upon liquidation dividends are paid and annual reports presented. Westmorland School has been in the competition for the last 4 years since the programme was re- launched in 2007. Having secured a position as high as second in the country before, there are always great expectations for each year’s group. Ms. Edwards, Mr. Frederick and Ms. Richardson are the co-ordinating teachers.


Debating Club

The Westmorland Debate society seeks to develop and nourish the skill of debating among the Student body. Members are eligible for selection to the Westmorland Debate Team, which has had some success in the Grenlec Inter Secondary School Debate, having won in 2009, 2010, and 2011.

From its beginnings in 2009, the Grenlec Inter Secondary School Debate has fast developed into the premiere secondary school academic completion. Students from all secondary schools engage in tense, informative debates over topical issues, broadening their horizons and increasing their knowledge of current affairs. The debates are run from September to November each year. Mr. Logie and Ms. Belfon are the co-ordinating teachers.


Cricket Club

The Westmorland cricket club is a new group and is seeking to get fully underway in the new Trinity term. Its goal is to eventually field a team in interschool competitions and help with the development of the sport among our student body. Mr. Logie is the co-ordinating teacher.


Sewing and Crochet Club

Sewing classes are held on Wednesdays from 2:30 to 3:30. The class is open to all students with the main purpose of teaching students basic stitches and helping them to acquire a life skill in the process. In later classes, students move to doing embroidery and making small craft items.

Crochet classes are held on Thursdays from 2:30 to 3:30 and it too is open to all students. Its main purpose is to teach students basic stitches of chains and trebles. Upon acquisition of these stitches, students progress to doilies and other craft items. Mrs. Eleazer is the co-ordinating teacher.


Knowledge Seekers Club

Knowledge Seekers Club is open to students from Forms 1 to 4 and meets once per week; Wednesdays from 3:00 to 4:30. There, students have an opportunity to learn necessary current affairs and general knowledge skills as well as shortcuts in arithmetic, English and foreign language vocabulary. The top students are then shortlisted and five (5) go on to represent the school at the annual SGU Knowledge Bowl competition. Mr. Antoine is the co-ordinating teacher.


Junior Varsity and Varsity Football

This activity is open to all students, male and female, during the Michaelmas and Trinity terms. Practice sessions are held at least once per week (Fridays) from 3:00 to 5:00. The main purpose of playing purpose is to prepare the students to enter the Republic Bank Youth Right Start football competition. Training days increase with the advent of the competition from September to November annually. The football team is managed by Mr. Antoine and coached by Anthony ‘Nixon’ Modeste.


Drum Corps

This group meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays for about 1 ½ hrs. per session. It is open to all students from Forms 1 to 5. Its main purpose is to build team spirit, leadership skills, discipline and a positive attitude to hard work through music. Students look forward to playing on Sports Day and also participation in the National Secondary Schools Drum Corps competition. The co-ordinating teacher is Ms. Andrews.


Duke of Edinburg

This programme is open to all students 14+ years. It is a programme that encourages students to acquire a skill, engage in a recreational activity, complete a course in first aid and participate in a field expedition. Three levels of awards consist of the 1st Bronze, 2nd Silver and the 3rd Gold; starting with the first and culminating in the 3rd. Once the students complete the requirements for each level, they move unto the next level. Meetings are dependent on the most suitable afternoon available for the First Aid sessions and will last about 1 hour. The co-ordinating teacher is Mrs. Eleazer.


Brain Bee Competition

This is an individual competition on the brain and associated disorders. At the end of the competition, the winner is given an opportunity to represent Grenada on an international level. The competition is carried out in 3 stages over the courses of the first 2 terms in the academic year: preliminary screening test (MCQ exam), four (4) semifinal rounds that produce 5 finalists each and the finals. Meetings depend on the most suitable days for competitors. It is open to students of Forms 3 – 5.


Science Fair

The main aim of this programme is to develop scientific skills such as planning experiments, researching and reasoning. This activity is open to all students; can be individual or group participation. Students develop projects and or models to investigate or illustrate a variety of phenomena spanning many subjects in science, math and information technology, and present them. There are no meetings days but teachers are available for technical support. The main co-ordinating teachers are Ms. Hobson and Mr. Antoine.


RBTT Young Leaders Programme

This programme is geared towards helping young people develop leadership skills and appropriate values such as teamwork. It is conducted by the Meetings are held on Wednesdays and Fridays after school and students from Forms 3 and 4 are allowed to participate in this programme. All activities must be completed within a three month duration and generally is carried out over the second term of the academic year. A written report is submitted at the end of all activities.