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Fee & Payment Information

The following outlines the fee structure and payment terms of Westmorland School, please contact the School directly to obtain a copy of the current Annual Fee statement.

One time Application Fees: The Application Fee is payable upon the request to hold a place for the student on the admissions waiting list, this fee is a non-refundable and application cannot be processed without the application fee

Annual Capital assessment fee: This non refundable fee is charged once a year and funds capital expenditures and major renovations. This fee is payable during the first three weeks of the school year and included in the Michaelmas term invoice, parents are asked to pay this fee in full within the first term.

Enrollment fee: A onetime enrollment fee will be charged to students entering the school. Nursery students will be given first preference for enrollment into Kindergarten. Nursery students pay a portion in enrollment fees when entering the nursery school and the balance is paid upon entry into Kindergarten. New students the enrollment fees can also be paid in three equal installments during the first year in school, however should the students leave before the year the full payment is immediately due.

Students that leave the school without notice and wish to re-enroll at a later date will be charged the enrollment again upon re-entering. This enrollment fee may be waived if arrangements have been made for the students return prior to the time of leaving.

Tuition Fees: Tuition fees are charged by Westmorland school for all students enrolled in classes, these fees include:
• Fees associated with school subjects enrolled
• Charges for consumable materials
• Charges for sporting activities where sport is taken as a subject within school term

New students entering the school during the first half of the school year are subject to 100% tuition fees, however, if they arrive in the last half of the term only 65% of the tuition is payable. Full enrollment and capital assessment fees will be paid by all students.

Discounts: Families with more than one child may take advantage of enrollment discounts, these are outlined in the ‘Annual Fee statement’. Additionally these is a 5% discount for families with third and forth children enrolled. Enrollment and capital assessment fees are not subject to discounts.

Payment of fees:
• Tuition Fees are due and payable within the first week of the term.
• A payment plan can be entered into to facilitate paying fees over a specific period ( see payment plan details below )
• Management must approve alternative payment plans in writing. This must be done through a formal arrangement with the Treasurer on the BOM and agreed within the first week of school.
• Failure to pay these fees within the first week or enter into a payment plan may result in the student(s) not being allowed to attend school.
• For security reasons, all payments are to be paid by cheque, Bank Draft or by credit card ( Visa or Master Card).

Payment Plan Details:
1. School fees for every child are due to be paid 100% by the end of the first week of each new term, If this is done there are no further payments due.
2. Parents not paying 100% can make a minimum payment of 33.3% of the school fees payable in the first week of each new term.
3. The above two (2) points are mandatory, and should there be no payment by the end of the first week, student (s) will be sent home.
4. If 33.3% is paid in the first week, then the parent automatically requires entering into an agreed and signed contractual payment plan for making the other two (2) payments.
5. The payment plan will call for two (2) additional payments of 33.3% to be made by the end of the second month of each new term (specific dates to be included in a contract document that must be signed by any family wishing to enter into the staggered payment plan arrangement).
6. If payments are not made as per the contract the student (s) will be sent home until the full fess are paid.
7. The objective is to ascertain that all fees are paid by the end of the 2nd month of each new school term.

Structure of tuition fees:
1. Local Grenadian student- Defined as one who holds Grenadian citizenship as prescribed by law.
2. A Caricom student – Defined as one who holds Caricom citizenship as prescribed by law.
3. An International student – Defined as one who holds citizenship from a country other than Grenada or a Caricom country as prescribed by law.