PTA Fundraising – Ports of Call on 1st May, 2016

It’s time to plan our major fundraiser Ports of Call.  This event is scheduled for Sunday January 24th 2016 at Wild Woods on BBC beach.

Last year, we sold over 150 tickets and made around $18,000. This year we hope to make it bigger, better and raise more money for the school.

Our plan is to have the various ethnic cuisines (Caribbean, Asian, Indian, Arabic, Italian etc), as we featured last year. People cooked side dishes under these various themes.  We will have chicken and fish available as the meats again since that seemed to have worked well.

We would like to have a different group of parents who would be responsible for each of the themes.  The group can plan and execute the decor and the dishes that will be offered that day.  We would like it to be as creative as possible.  Additionally, we are going to ask some of the children (coordinated through the school), to do little performances throughout the day symbolic to the various regions represented.

At this point, it would be helpful if interested parents could give feedback to Heather Bain ( 415 8600) or Pearl Doughlin ( 407-5144).  We welcome your thoughts and suggestions to help make this event fun, memorable and successful for all.

This is a huge undertaking and we need all the help we can get, but it is fun and everyone who attends is promised to have a fantastic day 🙂