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Westmorland School Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

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Parents are encouraged and welcomed to take the opportunity to volunteer with the PTA and have the opportunity to influence the social, academic, moral and cultural aspects of your children’s education in a practical way. We encourage you to be involved in the activities thus contributing in practical ways to the children’s’ education.

The Parents Teachers Association (PTA) seeks to:

• Foster and encourage good working relationships between Parents and Teachers,
• Raise funds for the school through various activities
• Encourage ALL parents, guardians and teachers to take an active role within the school and to support its activities.

The PTA is of comprised seven volunteer members from within the parent body who are elected for a term of one year at the Annual General meeting of the Westmorland School at the beginning of each academic year.

The PTA has an initiative called ‘Class Parents’ – these are volunteer parents who act as a point of liaison between the PTA body and the parents of students in each form. There is usually a ‘Class Mum’ and a ‘Class Dad’. The job description for a ‘Class Parent’ can be found here in a PDF file: Job Description for Class Parents.

The PTA is the point of contact for any concerns, issues, or suggestions, from parents and can be contacted directly however, we encourage parents to first seek assistance from the teachers, the Principal or Supervisor. The grievance process can be found here in a PDF file: Westmorland School complaint process

During the Academic year the fund raising activities include, concession stands at Swim Splash, Sports Day, one or two major functions such as parties , dinners or cruises, dress down days for children, the Christmas fair. There are one or two other fund raising activities that take place such as bake sales, BBQ’s, raffles etc. The proceeds of these are used to fund purchase of unbudgeted items for the school such as school playground set, drums etc.

The PTA also runs a Book Rental Program to assist parents with the ever increasing cost of school books – more information can be found here: Westmorland School Book Rental Program

There is a nominal annual PTA membership fee which is compulsory and charged at the beginning of each new Academic Year (September).

PTA Executive Members 2017/18

Name Position
Jerelle Gresham PTA President
Michael Heywood Vice President
vacant position Secretary
vacant position Treasurer
Aisha Ali Rahaman Floor Member
Johann Hoschtialek Floor Member
Jo-Anne Peters Floor Member
Raj Eleazer Senior School Teacher Representative
Earlyn Antoine Junior School Teacher Representative