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PTA Book Rental Program


The PTA book rental program was set up by PTA members around 15 years ago to assist parents with the ever increasing cost of school books. Books can be rented for minimal cost at the end of the academic year in preparation for the coming academic year. Books are returned at the end of the academic year.

There is a deposit payable by parents to join the book program. The deposit is returned once a parent leaves the book rental program or the student leaves the school, whichever occurs first. The deposit costs:

Junior School: EC$50
Senior School: EC$100

Books are rented from EC$5 upwards depending on the type of book, the quality of the book etc.

Parents will be notified by email of the dates of the Book Rental Program returns and rentals. As books often need to be repaired when they are returned to the school, returns and rentals are not administered on the same day.

Here is a link to: Westmorland School Book Rental Program Terms and Conditions