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Meet the Senior School Staff

Olga Clarke : Administrative Dean/Teacher

Olga Clarke

Administrative Dean/Teacher

Mrs. Clarke
, B.A. is the Administrative Dean at Westmorland School. She has been with Westmorland since January 1991.  She teaches Spanish in both the Junior and Senior departments and is a house mistress for Brathwaite House.

Her extra-curricular activities include managing the school’s Young Leaders.  Her hobbies include drawing, writing poems and listening to music.

Her philosophies for life are: ‘always follow good’ and ‘appreciate foreign languages.’

Rajkumari Eleazer : Teacher

Rajkumari Eleazer


Mrs. Eleazer, 
B.A. has joined Westmorland in September 1997. She is a Trained Certified Teacher with experience in both at the primary and secondary level. She teaches Geography and Social Studies. She is the House Mistress of Brathwaite House and coordinates the Needlework Group. She is responsible for Uniform Infraction at the school.

Her hobbies include art, photography, gardening, listening to music and dancing. She loves animals, and has one daughter.

Her mottos in life are:  'Make your years count as life is short', 'Smile often and make the world a brighter place', 'Lead by example.'

Freedel Logie : Teacher

Freedel Logie


Mr. Logie
, B.A. has been with Westmorland since 2005.  He teaches History, Social Studies, Agriculture Science and Life Skills. He is a house master for De Gale House.  His extra-curricular activities include assisting in coaching the Schools Debate team.

His hobbies are building model aircraft, military history, playing cricket and strategy games, and writing alternate history stories.

His philosophy for live is: ’Exitus Acta Probat - The outcome justifies the deed.”

Stacy St. Cyr : Teacher

Stacy St. Cyr


Mrs. St. Cyr
has been with Westmorland Since September 2014, with 11 years of experience in teaching. She was trained at Cyril Potter College of Education in Guyana, and currently teaches English Language in forms 1 & 3, and English Literature in forms 3, 4 & 5. She is a member of Braithwaite house and volunteers with the Guides Association through the Brownies group.

During her free time, Mrs. St. Cyr enjoys cooking, reading and singing.

She finds joy in the teaching/learning experience; teaching is her career.

Tracy La Touche : Teacher

Tracy La Touche


Miss La Touche
has been with Westmorland since September of 2015. She teaches Physics and Integrated Science, as well as a house teacher for Commissiong House. Her extra-curricular activities include assisting with the Student Right Attitude program (SRA) and with the Brain Bee.

Her hobbies include playing steelpan, hiking, reading, listening music among others.

Her philosophy for life is: ‘Failure is NOT an option.’

Shenelle Antoine : Teacher

Shenelle Antoine


Miss Antoine
, B.Sc. has been with Westmorland since 2015. She teaches French in both the Junior and Senior departments, and is a member of MacIntosh House. She is attached to the school debating team and the Scout Troop.

Her hobbies include ballroom dancing, acting and writing poems.

Her philosophy in life is: ‘There is no need to worry when God’s got your back.’

Diandra Ross-Baptiste : Teacher

Diandra Ross-Baptiste



Mrs. Ross Baptiste has joined Westmorland in September 2016 with 7 years of teaching experience and has a diverse background working with students at the Secondary level, at a British Kindergarten and outside the classroom.

She teaches Principles of Business, Office Administration and Principles of Accounts, and has a passion for inspiring, nurturing and mentoring young people. Some of her skills and attributes involve girl guides, artistry, martial arts and mentoring.

Her interests and hobbies include dancing, playing the guitar, reading, caring for animals, painting and exploring historical places.

Her philosophy in life is “Don’t work for recognition, do work worth recognition."

Meredith Swan-Sampson : Teacher

Meredith Swan-Sampson


Mrs. Swan-Sampson
BSc. has been teaching at Westmorland since March 2013. She holds a B.Sc in Biology. She teaches Biology in forms 2-5, Human and Social Biology in forms 4 & 5 and Chemistry in forms 2 & 3.

Her hobbies include reading and watching TV shows.

Her philosophy is: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent".

Josandre Bain : Teacher

Josandre Bain


Mrs. Josandre Bain, B.A. recently joined the Westmorland team in April 2017, with 10 years of teaching experience. She teaches English and Literature to the Senior department. She is a member of DeGale House.

Apart from being a passionate teacher, she is also a philanthropist and takes pleasure in supporting worthy causes. Her greatest interests are reading, listening to music and travelling.

Her philosophies in life are: 'If something is worth doing, it's worth doing well' and 'Do not put off for tomorrow what you can do today'

Nakazi Cornwall : Teacher/Counsellor

Nakazi Cornwall


Mrs. Cornwall has became a member of the Westmorland team in September 2017. She has an Associate Degree in Psychology and a Diploma in Events Management. She teaches Social Studies and Life Skills in Form 1 to 3.

She is also the Guidance Counsellor for the school. She is passionate about helping the students when an eternal listening ear is needed. The students have most certainly regard her as their point of contact for support.

Mrs. Cornwall is a member of De Gale house. Her Extra-Curricular Activities include Young Leaders and the Debate Team.

Sheena Belfon : Teacher

Sheena Belfon


Ms. Belfon, BSc. She has recently joined the Westmorland team in September 2017. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and an Associate Degree in Arts and Humanities. She also holds a Teacher training certificate. She has six years experience of teaching and tutoring. She is a small business owner.

She teaches Integrated Science to form 1, Principles of Accounts to form 4, Office Administration to form 4 and 5, and Principles of Business to form 4 and 5.

She is a member of McIntosh (Blue) house. Her hobbies are singing, travelling and reading.

Her philosophy in life is: “Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for he or she was born in another time.” Rabindranath Tagore.

Chinty Lakhati : Teacher

Chinty Lakhati


Mr. Lakhati has joined the teaching staff in September 2017. He is responsible for teaching Form 1 to 5 Information Technology. He has a COMP TIA A+ Certification and a Teaching Certification. Mr. Lakhati has made a big impact in the rekindling of the Basketball Team.

Shirlene Agard : Administrative Assistant

Shirlene Agard

Administrative Assistant

Miss Agard
is the Administrative Assistant in the Senior Department. She has just joined us in April 2016 and has already become an integral part of the Westmorland Family.  She is the smiling voice on the other side of the phone!  She handles communication between the school and the parent and student body.  She processes queries, requests, payments and much more.  Please call today and she will take care of you!

Antonia Coutain : Executive Secretary

Antonia Coutain

Executive Secretary

Mrs. Coutain has recently joined the Westmorland team in September 2017. She has an Associate degree in Social Science. She comes from a successful athletic background. From such, she inspires the students to aim for excellence in their sporting and academic affairs.

Margaret Ross-Smith : Ancillary Staff

Margaret Ross-Smith

Ancillary Staff

Mrs. Ross-Smith
has been with Westmorland since 2005. She is a very hard and dedicated worker.

Some of her hobbies are cooking, cleaning and travelling. Mrs. Ross-Smith is very humble and sociable and is passionate about caring for everyone, especially the children.

Her philosophy in life is: "Be in love with your life - every minute of it"