Team Grenada Has Won Again!

Once again Team Grenada has won the OECS Swimming Championship 2017! This is three (3) years in a row! Some of the swimmers from Westmorland School were among the participants at the event. These participants are:

  • Zachary Gresham
  • Enya Noel
  • Kaiya Ramdhanny
  • Gabriel Symone-Hyson
  • Joshua Wilson-Dumont

A special congratulation to Zachary Gresham for achieving first place in all of his races. He had even received the divisional championship trophy! These races include:

  • 50m, 100m, 200m and 400m Freestyle
  • 50m and 100m butterfly
  • 50m and 100m backstroke
  • 50m and 100m brushstroke
  • 200m IM

Westmorland School congratulates all the other students who represented Team Grenada and did their best for Grenada and their schools!