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Tuck Shop

Westmorland school houses a tuck shop on its premises, operated on a subcontracted basis. Apart from the lunches on offer, there is a wide selection of snacks and beverages to choose from.

We wish to minimize the environmental impact of packaging from lunch/snacks, therefore some items are served in foodservice paper to minimize the need for Styrofoam and plastic. We also ask that children be aware of their environment and be made to dispose of all waste items in the receptacles provided.

Hours of operation 7:30 am till 3:15pm Monday to Friday


• Hamburgers
• Cheese burgers
• Hot dogs
• Cheese dogs
• Pizza slices – Pepperoni Margarita Ham & Pineapple
• Pizza slices blackened chicken*
• Jamaican patties (beef, chicken & shrimp…veg. on order only)
• Tuna/Ham sandwiches*

Specials on Fridays
Fridays in addition to the regular menu we offer a special small lunch items at affordable prices and feature one of the following selections :
• Chicken drummets / wings with fries
• A selection of Rotis (chicken and vegetable)
• Lasagne
• Fried bakes with salt fish souse
• Pasta Bolognese
• BBQ Chicken w/ side
• Other popular items

Drinks available
Prices range $3 – $6 and are available based on availability from suppliers
• Water (purified & flavoured)
• Energy drinks (Gatorade & lucozade)
• Fresh juice (Capri sun & Minute maid)
• boxed juices
• Chocolate milk
• soft drinks (Fanta Sprite coke)
• frozen lollies & Ice cream

Miscellaneous *
Homemade cookies & cakes
Stationary items (Exercise books, Highlighters, Paper glue sticks, Pencils)

(*- Based on availability by suppliers)

Telephone contact: (473) 535 1381 or Bbm PIN 2673E233