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Uniform Requirements

Uniform Dress Code: 

Westmorland views wearing a uniform as a sign of identification with the school; by wearing a uniform students show pride in their school and exhibit respect for their person by dressing in a dignified manner. Students should arrive at school and leave school dressed in ‘full uniform’ and it must be worn at all times during school.

The official uniform is worn daily, with the Physical Education uniform worn on days stipulated as Physical Education (PE) dress days for the appropriate classes.

Uniforms: Junior Department

Girls: A simple dress made of plain colored fabric
Puff pants (Polly) are required for the children in the Nursery. KG I and KG II

  • A- Line Polyester Cotton dress
  • Pockets in side seam
  • Polly under the skirt in same material ( Nursury to Grade 1)
  • Dress colours – Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple

IMG_20160603_113329 IMG_20160603_113348   westmorland-junior-school-dress-details

Boys: Khaki short pants correctly sized with seamed pockets ( no cargo shorts or big pockets on side) and a plain colored shirt

  • Kaki Shorts Knee length with inseam pockets  (not Cargo shorts)
  • Cotton Short sleeve shirt with pocket
  • Shirt worn outside the pants (not tucked in)
  • Shirt colours – Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple

IMG_20160603_113451 IMG_20160603_113508

Socks: White – above the ankles
Shoes: Plain Black
P/E shoes white sneakers

Uniforms: Senior Department

Girls: All girls are asked to wear a short sleeved plain white button down cotton shirts with a white vest under the uniform shirt. Bras are to be white, black or flesh colored ONLY. Navy Blue Skirts for the girls are A line with two pockets and no alterations are allowed. Skirts are to be loose fitting and knee length.

Senior School Girls Skirts – Navy Blue

  • A Line shape
  • 1” below the knee in length
  • Skirt must be 2” wider at the bottom on both sides than the hip measurement
  • Waist band must be 1”
  • Closure must be at the back with a Navy Blue Zip
  • Pockets – Should not start further than 3” from the side seas at the top.
  • Pocket depth- Should not be more than 6” opening (not too big)
  • See attached diagram for style and measurements of the skirt.

Girls: Skirts: The hem of the skirt is to be below the knees and loosely fitting.
Shirt: Plain White (short sleeve)

JAP_3372 JAP_3371        westmorland-senior-school-uniforms-details

No shirt sleeves are to be rolled up and school ties are to be worn at all times, and required to be properly tied. School tie pins should only have pinned to the tie if it is the house button, House Captain or Vice Captain pins, or Prefect pins.

Boys: All boys in the Senior School are required to wear a short sleeved plain white button down cotton shirts with a white vest or plain white t-shirt under the uniform shirt.

Senior School Boys    Trousers – Navy Blue

  • Straight leg Pants
  • Pockets to be in Seam
  • 1 ½ “ waist band
  • Back pockets
  • Loose Fit

Boys: Long trousers, without trimming, no baggie pants allowed and trousers must be worn on the waist and not on the hips with a black belt.
Shirt: Plain White (long or short sleeve)

JAP_3374 JAP_3375 westmorland-senior-school-uniforms-details

Navy Blue Material – Available from recommended Suppliers.


Ties: Must be worn at all times by all students in school uniform. (supplied by Westmorland).
Socks: White – Above the ankles
Shoes: Black without adornments.
Hair: All girls are to wear their hair neatly combed away from the face and worn in a pony tail or clipped back from the face area. Hair should not be able to fall forward when the head is tilted forward to hide the face and ears. Any hair accessories worn should be subtle and white, black or navy blue only.

All boys are to keep their hair short and tidy and facial hair is not allowed. Students will be sent home to shave if necessary.

Accessories: One pair of plain gold or silver ear stoppers are allowed (girls only) worn in the ear lobe only, and a plain wrist watch are the only jewelry students are permitted to wear. No tattoos or body piercings are allowed.

Nails: All girls and boys must have short neat fingernails absent of any finger nail paint, polish or decorations.

Uniform Suppliers: Simone Lorainey

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